Pests in the home can damage property and cause your family health problems.  We can eliminate any pest problem you may have and also advise on things you can do around the home to prevent future infestations.




At Royal Pest Control we can advise on pest control measures that do not involve chemical spraying at all.  When there is a need to use chemical, we use only the latest and safest products around your home which ensures the safety of your family and pets.  The control agents that we use in and around your home belong to the Synthetic Pyrethroid group, which have the following characteristics;

  • They are broken down by soil micro-organisms, which means that they do not accumulate in the environment.
  • Have low toxicity to warm blooded animals (including humans and birds)
  • They have a high potency to a broad range of insects.
  • Are non-staining, are not harmful to plants and have little, if any smell.



It is necessary to prepare your premises for our General Pest Control Treatments.  Please download the attached form and carry out the preparations before our technician arrives.  Pre treatment form.



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Our promise to you

Being a family business and living in Canberra ourselves, we are a part of your community and understand how daunting it can be to have tradesmen in your home.  We provide the following promises:

  • We will turn up on time and call you, if for some unforeseen reason we are running late.
  • We have current and significant insurance.
  • We provide a guarantee for the work we carry out.
  • We explain all costs with you prior to doing the work.