We can help solve any pest problem at your premises; quickly and with minimal disruption to your business.  We can treat and advise on everything from German Cockroach infestations in a kitchen through to Case-making Clothes Moth infestations in warehouses.

Call us today to book in a time for us to carry out an obligation fee inspection and quote.  If you decide to go ahead with our proposal we are considerate and will carry out the treatment at a time that will cause little or no disruption to your business.


Common Pests In Food Premises

Cockroaches: The German cockroach is the most common pest in food premises, it thrives in areas that provide shelter (cracks and crevices), warmth, food and water. It reaches maturity in as little as 40 days and each egg case contains approximately 40 eggs.  They congregate in areas, brought together by an aggregation pheromone. We will identify were they harbour and can eliminate them from the premises.

Rodents: Rodents are masters of concealment. They look for quiet places to nest in, such as wall and roof voids, sheds and rubbish. Baiting is only part of effective rodent management. We advise on areas that should be cleaned up and entry points that should be sealed. Maintenance should include good sanitation, and removal of harbourages and feeding sites.

Flies: Flies live off faeces, garbage, etc; and pick up nasty bacteria, then transport the disease causing organisms back to your food. There are many different species of flies that cause problems in food premises like the tiny Drain fly and the large common Blow fly.  Depending on the species of the fly, it makes a big difference on how we go about treating the problem. We can not only identify the species of fly for you, but also provide the latest in control products such as Glue-board lights, automatic metered aerosol dispensers, Biotechnology drain cleaners, Sprays, Baits and more.

Pests Of Stored Foods: Pests of stored foods such as the Indian Meal Moth, Weevils, Grain beetles, Tobacco moths, etc can destroy valuable food stock.  Stored product pests often live within the food for human consumption (in the grains etc). In order to control insects within food, the food must be removed and destroyed, or treated in a way that prevents no hazard in it's end use.


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